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An Example for Holly

Hey Holly, this is Melissa. I was just trying this out to see what would happen if I created a new post. I guess we will see...


I know you are planning to create a blog for "Meet our Mamas" that will let people learn about our mom cats who may be in foster having babies or taking care of little ones. I think it's such a great idea and people would love learning about them! I'm sure there are super cute pics to go along with them.


The photo I added above is just something I randomly had on my computer and wanted to try out... looks nice. But you can do different things with the pics too, like this... I changed the orientation using the menu and now the pic is on the right side so I can put text alongside it. You can also add galleries... I will try one below this.


I did it! And was able to check out different layouts. These babies are OLD photos but they're still so cute!!

The last thing is that you can save before publishing by pulling down on the arrow next to "PUBLISH" in the upper right corner, but it won't show up on your page until you publish... so I am going to publish this one (since the "Blog" section is still hidden) and then you can erase it once you're ready to go live with the section.

Well, I think that's enough for now.... this seems to be pretty self-explanatory. But call me if you need me! I hope this helps!!

Lots of love & purrrssss....


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