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We are #RescueWarriors.
We believe that every animal should have a safe, loving home. We believe we can make a difference by working together.

Our Story

A Purr-fect Fit Animal Rescue & Adoption Center was created by a group of dedicated individuals, who share a passion for animal rescue. The organization is operated by an expansive network of volunteers - there are no paid staff and little administrative overhead.

At A Purr-fect Fit, we work tirelessly to ensure each of the animals in our care is provided the attention and treatment needed to be healthy and adoptable. Our team of talented volunteers raise orphaned pets, treats those who are sick or injured, and socialize those previously unloved. 


A Purr-fect Fit is an independently operated, 501(c)(3), nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue. 

Our Mission... rescue vulnerable animals in need, to provide comfort, care, & nourishment, and to match each adoptable pet with a safe and loving home. 

Our Vision... promote proper pet-care, to encourage kindness towards animals, and to reduce the number of homeless pets across Western New York.

Our Board of Directors

Sharon Gorman .................. Chief Executive Officer

Chris Wiehe ........................ Chief Operating Officer

Holly Raynor................... Fundraising & Media

Our Veterinary Care


Million Cat Challenge and Shelter Animals Count

As a participant in the Million Cat Challenge and Shelter Animals Count, A Purr-Fect Fit is proud to report our life-saving statistics.  Our report, covering September 2017 through January 2023, may be found here



  • 1860 animals came into our care

  • 1805 animals went to loving forever homes*

  • Live Release Rate: 97%**


*As of January 1, 2023, 2 nursing moms and a total of 13 of our kittens were still in foster homes.

**A shelter’s live release rate is the number of live outcomes divided by the total number of outcomes.  A Purr-Fect Fit gives every cat in our care the time and support they need to find a loving home.  However, because we take in very vulnerable cats and kittens – including neonatal orphaned kittens – some of the animals in our care do pass away or are humanely euthanized to end suffering due to incurable diseases. 

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